Samsung Display isn't able to sell Super AMOLED tech to anyone but Samsung

Samsung Display isn't able to sell Super AMOLED tech to anyone but Samsung
Even though the Super AMOLED display may be praised and loved by many users around the globe, Park Dong-geun, CEO of Samsung Display - manufacturer of the highly vibrant screen tech, claims the company is having trouble selling the tech to any other mobile device builder but their parent firm – Samsung Electronics.

Sammy has been using and improving the Super AMOLED tech since before the first Galaxy S and its most recent iteration – in the high-end Galaxy Tab S – finally fixes color reproduction issues, that critics and tech enthusiasts have been griping about for at least a couple of years now.

Why other manufacturers choose not to buy Sammy's tech, but to work with other partners, or to develop their own tech entirely, is subject of speculation, though we believe it is safe to say that the competitors prefer to avoid funding the biggest fish in the mobile market whenever possible.

Don't lose your sleep over Samsung Display's troubles, though, as what the manufacturer is lacking in mobile sales, it's making up in screens sold for a wide range of non-mobile devices.

source: CNET via SamMobile


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