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Samsung ChatON arrives as a free web app

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Samsung ChatON arrives as a free web app
If you haven’t heard about Samsung ChatON, you’d better catch up - it’s Samsung’s free messaging system and it’s available on every platform you can think of (except for Windows Phone). Now, it’s become truly universal as it’s arrived in a web form accessible from a desktop, a tablet, any device that can open up a secure connection in a browser.

ChatON works quietly in the background so you can receive messages even when you haven't opened the application window, and that's what makes it good. Feature-wise, ChatON offers not only message exchange including group chats, but also file transfers. You can wave goodbye to costly MMS messages (not that many people use those), and the app also supports movie and music file transfers.

All of your message exchanges are stored on Samsung’s servers and finally you can also link your desktop and mobile applications. Hit the source link below to go to the address for the web application, and... chat on.

Samsung ChatON arrives as a free web app

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