Samsung Behold II eying Android 1.6 tops and nothing more

Samsung Behold II eying Android 1.6 tops and nothing more
The Samsung Behold II looked promising when it was released back in the fall and right before the big holiday rush. It was impressive for T-Mobile to bring on aboard the handset that featured an AMOLED touchscreen and somewhat nifty looking 3D Cube Interface, but it didn't take off quite smoothly as the Motorola DROID with Verizon. Customers that decided to pick up the Android 1.5 donut handset are getting some good and bad news all at the same time. The good news can be found in the knowledge that Samsung will be providing a software update to Android 1.6 which will bring on some much wanted features such as Google Maps Navigation, Google Voice Search capability, improved Media Player, updated core Android apps, better Bluetooth capabilities, and the Swype keyboard. Everything is fine and dandy there, but more importantly, there was no word surrounding its availability – so it's worth nothing that it's been 6 months since it first launched. Now for the bad news, some owners may really take this to heart and reflect back to what they thought would become a reality – Samsung plans on stopping the train on Android 1.6. This means that all of those owners who quickly purchased the handset and thought it was going to be upgradable to at least the Motorola DROID's level with Android 2.0 are going to be disappointed. Samsung does not plan on bringing the handset anywhere above Android 1.6 – so it looks like owners will have to be content with eating a donut for desert as opposed to the possible eclairs and froyos out there.

Samsung Behold II T939 Specifications | Review

source: Engadget

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