Sample pictures and video from the 5MP camera in the Samsung Galaxy Nexus emerge

Sample pictures and video from the 5MP camera in the Samsung Galaxy Nexus emerge
The long-awaited Samsung Galaxy Nexus is finally here, and it lives up to most rumors, except the wishful thinking that it will have a metal chassis and higher megapixel count than 5. Of course, the camera wars based on megapixels are silly, since the size of the sensor, quality of the lens, and the software algorithms can make or break a camera much more successfully, so we were curious to see a few pictures snapped hastily with the Galaxy Nexus.

The stills are fine, except for low-light situations, where the phone performed like your average smartphone camera, i.e. underwhelming. The video has snappy continuous autofocus and adjusts exposure very quickly when moving from outdoors to indoor scenery and vice versa. It is also rather smooth, with good contrast and colors, which a lot of users will find appealing. 

Needless to say, we will need a final retail version before passing any judgment, but for now it seems that the 5MP shooter on the back of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus won't disappoint. At least not more than your usual smartphone camera, that is. Texas Instruments' OMAP family pride themselves in having some of the best digital signal processors around embedded in their system chips, and we hope that Samsung has managed to make the maximum out of it. One thing is for sure - Hong Kong seems to be one big construction site.

source: Engadget

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