Sample pictures and video from the 5MP camera in the Samsung Galaxy Nexus emerge

Sample pictures and video from the 5MP camera in the Samsung Galaxy Nexus emerge
The long-awaited Samsung Galaxy Nexus is finally here, and it lives up to most rumors, except the wishful thinking that it will have a metal chassis and higher megapixel count than 5. Of course, the camera wars based on megapixels are silly, since the size of the sensor, quality of the lens, and the software algorithms can make or break a camera much more successfully, so we were curious to see a few pictures snapped hastily with the Galaxy Nexus.

The stills are fine, except for low-light situations, where the phone performed like your average smartphone camera, i.e. underwhelming. The video has snappy continuous autofocus and adjusts exposure very quickly when moving from outdoors to indoor scenery and vice versa. It is also rather smooth, with good contrast and colors, which a lot of users will find appealing. 

Needless to say, we will need a final retail version before passing any judgment, but for now it seems that the 5MP shooter on the back of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus won't disappoint. At least not more than your usual smartphone camera, that is. Texas Instruments' OMAP family pride themselves in having some of the best digital signal processors around embedded in their system chips, and we hope that Samsung has managed to make the maximum out of it. One thing is for sure - Hong Kong seems to be one big construction site.

source: Engadget

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  • Display 4.7" 720 x 1280 pixels
  • Camera 5 MP / 1.3 MP front
  • Processor TI OMAP4460, Dual-core, 1200 MHz
  • Storage 32 GB
  • Battery 1750 mAh(8.33h 3G talk time)



1. ledbetterp3

Posts: 467; Member since: Aug 31, 2011

I don't know... The camera is not looking too good imo, anyone else agree? I think some of the shots, as well as the video sample, look fuzzy...

7. nastynaps

Posts: 93; Member since: Aug 16, 2011

Definitely agree on that, look at that fire extinguisher, awful. I can only hope that it's the fault of the user perhaps. The video on the other hand looks pretty damn good.

11. paynekiller

Posts: 152; Member since: May 24, 2010

That's what I'm thinking, it's like the picture taker just pointed and shot without bothering to focus. I'd like to see someone else take the pics.

17. remixfa

Posts: 14605; Member since: Dec 19, 2008

is it me or does it have the slightest yellow tint while looking at white objects?

19. ledbetterp3

Posts: 467; Member since: Aug 31, 2011

Well, in the first picture, there is an obvious yellow light, in the 2nd picture, and the fire extinguisher one, I see a light reddish tint, do you see it? I don't see a yellow tint though, sorry, I don't have great eyes...

16. iKingTrust

Posts: 716; Member since: Jul 27, 2011

They are bad

2. Mehha

Posts: 26; Member since: May 25, 2011

Total disaster from google... left disappointed :(

4. ledbetterp3

Posts: 467; Member since: Aug 31, 2011

Not exactly a total disaster, the other specs are really nice on the bright-side.

18. iKingTrust

Posts: 716; Member since: Jul 27, 2011

yes but no camera? I would not get this phone. Right now the Phone to get if you are not ready for an iPhone is the RAZR

20. ledbetterp3

Posts: 467; Member since: Aug 31, 2011

Lol: "if you are not ready for an iPhone" the majority of the world uses android because they prefer it rather than iOS, not to get ready for it, anyways, I totally agree with you, I would much rather have the droid RAZR.

23. iankellogg

Posts: 155; Member since: Jun 15, 2011

I don't know, I feel completely underwhelmed by the specs. I was really hoping for a better GPU but I understand why they went with TI Omap and it isn't a bad choice. Also I would have loved to see bluetooth 4.0 in there, just to match the iPhone and push the low power bluetooth stuff to market faster.

24. maxican16

Posts: 364; Member since: Sep 29, 2011

On the contrary, Google shined - ICS is amazing! Samsung dropped the ball on some specs, but I'll reserve judgement for now. These pics don't prove anything, and with ICS' ability to capture time lapse video, edit photos, quickly snap multiple photos, and all the other great improvements (hardware acceleration, android beam, revamped multi-tasking and notifications), there is no way I'm not getting this phone. I'll be the first to admit it's best selling point is ICS, and I'm perfectly happy with that!

3. jasongohjr

Posts: 75; Member since: Sep 26, 2011

yea but the hd screen is nice... although we do not know if the 4.65 size drains the battery...

5. cheetah2k

Posts: 2271; Member since: Jan 16, 2011

I'm so surprised Google didn't opt for 8MP camera specs. The cam in the SGSII is just perfect IMO

6. itsius1

Posts: 49; Member since: Oct 19, 2011

I dont see why samsung didnt put the same camera capabilities as the SGS2.... what a let down... youd expect something that has high connections with social networking could at least have an outstanding spec and result... i dont think im going for this phone, it will probably be another dissapointment like the evo 3d's 5mp camera...

10. paynekiller

Posts: 152; Member since: May 24, 2010

*dual 5mp cameras. The EVO 3D has 3 cameras, you wanted 2 8MP plus a 2MP FFC?

13. itsius1

Posts: 49; Member since: Oct 19, 2011

dual? only one lense is used for 2d mode. and in 3d mode the resolution that it took is down to 2mps.

8. parthpatels007

Posts: 54; Member since: May 27, 2011

video stablilisation doesn't seem to work perfectly :( & i think video doesn't make use of the wide angle lens.

9. paynekiller

Posts: 152; Member since: May 24, 2010

I don't know if these pictures were even taken properly, some of them arent even in focus. I need to see pictures from another source.

12. xenover

Posts: 174; Member since: May 27, 2011

Not a particular camera-phone but ICS and other specs seems good enough.

14. nkirubakaran

Posts: 1; Member since: Oct 19, 2011

In all these pictures pink spot is seen in the white background as like samsung galaxy s2.

21. ledbetterp3

Posts: 467; Member since: Aug 31, 2011

I noticed...

15. Joshing4fun

Posts: 1245; Member since: Aug 13, 2010

Idk they look okay right? Some pictures suck but i would blame the guy taking them. And why are ya'll being so picky? Nobody uses or should use their phone to be a photographer so what does it matter? Still the currently best phone.

22. Cyd07

Posts: 83; Member since: Oct 03, 2011

Not convinced. Not an only photo is good in my opinion. But the weather seems to be really cloudy. Photo of the exterior seem a little better than others. So wait & see.

25. DR2703

Posts: 4; Member since: Jul 05, 2010

This camera is not good. As simple as that. Razr it is.

26. SpyDoorMan

Posts: 10; Member since: Oct 05, 2011

c'mon! who took those pictures?? they're pretty bad..especially the fire extinguisher

27. blackrose

Posts: 48; Member since: Apr 15, 2011

Really they got these from engadget. And they were in ruch checking out the zero shutter lag that's why they look so bad failed to mention that phonearena. Trying to make the camera look bad

28. vishu9

Posts: 252; Member since: Mar 03, 2011

WTF!! Again??! Nexus phones never get the right cam treatment! I was expecting much better from Sammy n Google coz i was thinking of replacing my N8 with the Prime..but alas there is no way now that I would do it!..not when I have the awesomeness of my N8's camera!!!!

29. Bethistopheles

Posts: 25; Member since: Oct 13, 2011

Why is everyone so upset about a 5MP camera? Do you seriously buy the phone for taking professional images? Or are you taking it for memories and to share hilarious (or embarrassing!) crap with friends? If you're using it for professional images, maybe your biggest problem isn't the phone..... If you're using it for fun, well then....get over it. 5MP is fine. If you want to take great photos, *buy a camera*. I don't see what the point is in having a huge MP count when it's not even a proper camera lens (optical zoom, anyone?). I think people really need to get over it having 5MP. The photos look like user error and the video shot with it looked great. Of course, to really know we'll have to see it for ourselves and try it in-store. You people are making mountains out of mole hills :p Now, time to go back to finding a way to freeze myself for several weeks and then unfreeze myself when this phone is released.... on Verizon Oh please dear god let it be Verizon, haha.

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