SNL skit has A-Rod suing his Apple iPhone

SNL skit has A-Rod suing his Apple iPhone
Ok, so New York Yankee third baseman Alex Rodriguez won't get into the Hall of Fame on the first ballot, if at all. Tarnished all these years by rumors that he 'juiced', the slugger has been suspended for 162 games (the entire 2014 regular season) after being caught red-handed purchasing steroids from Tony Bosch. A-Rod, who appealed his original suspension which allowed him to take the field during the Yankees' play-off drive last year, has been on the defensive and also on the offensive, suing MLB and others involved in keeping him from playing.

In a hilarious SNL skit on Saturday night, A-Rod (portrayed by Drake), made an appearance on the Piers Morgan show. Well, it wasn't really the Piers Morgan show, but we digress. 'A-Rod' went on to say that he was suing MLB, the Players' Union for failing to trick MLB, Steroids for being inside of him, and Jackie Robinson who broke the color barrier and led to this situation.

'A-Rod' explained that the hundreds of text messages that provided evidence that Bosch was injecting the star with steroids, were taken out of context. "Have you ever heard of auto-correct?," he asked. He claimed that one of his original texts read, "What up, son? Thinking of seeing 'Frozen' tonight. Heard good things." A-Rod's iPhone auto-corrected it to, "Just took a hundred steroids. Need to buy thousands more. This is A-Rod BTW."

As a result, the faux A-Rod said that he was suing the iPhone and the dictionary. Funny stuff, and you can check it out by clicking on the video below.

source: SNL via CNET

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