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Rumors of HTC One Windows Phone edition return

Posted: , by Michael H.

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Rumors of HTC One Windows Phone edition return
A while back, we heard that HTC might be working on a Windows Phone variant if its beautiful HTC One Android handset. The rumors disappeared for quite a while, and were replaced by talk that HTC might be abandoning Windows Phone altogether in order to focus its efforts on Android. But, HTC has since reconfirmed its commitment to Windows Phone, and that has brought the return of the HTC One Windows Phone edition rumors.

Unfortunately, there isn't a lot of new info on the plans since we last heard about them back in June. The new report is saying that the new HTC Windows Phone device will be based on the HTC One, meaning it will feature a 4.7-inch 1080p Super LCD3 display. It will also feature 2GB of RAM, 32GB of storage, and of course Windows Phone GDR3, which is needed to support the 1080p display. 

After the story about HTC losing interest in Windows Phone, the Senior Global Online Communications Manager at HTC, Jeff Gordon denied the story, and said that HTC is "absolutely dedicated to [its] Windows Phone lineup." The original rumor of the HTC One WP edition called for a fall release, and that is still the expectation, since the WP GDR3 update isn't due until fall. 

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posted on 19 Aug 2013, 11:33

1. AfterShock (Posts: 3698; Member since: 02 Nov 2012)

Now if this phone had a boot option to boot into WM8, I'M SOLD.

otherwise, this'll make one of my friend happy, and good for HTC to get itself out there a little more.

posted on 19 Aug 2013, 11:34 8

2. -box- (Posts: 3991; Member since: 04 Jan 2012)

With BlinkFeed already mimicking the "Metro/Modern" interface, I imagine the transition to WP would be almost trivial to accomplish. Good to see more WP entering the arena, as it'll keep Nokia improving its lines.

posted on 19 Aug 2013, 13:16 5

21. akki20892 (Posts: 3902; Member since: 04 Feb 2013)

No thankx HTC, I'm good with Nokia.

posted on 20 Aug 2013, 02:11 2

35. amiroo (Posts: 269; Member since: 03 Sep 2012)

dude nokia is great and i respect to it but this phone is going for top in winphone..check this spc and design..maybe in camera nokia can beat it.

posted on 20 Aug 2013, 09:15 1

38. akki20892 (Posts: 3902; Member since: 04 Feb 2013)

wait for nokia 1080p and quad core phone +great camera and screen..........u will surprise.

posted on 19 Aug 2013, 11:36 2

3. ryq24 (Posts: 772; Member since: 17 Oct 2011)

Bad idea. Windows phone not doing well. Htc should just concentrate on android phone!

posted on 19 Aug 2013, 11:42 19

5. chaoticrazor (Posts: 2347; Member since: 28 Aug 2012)

yes becuase its not like android is been dominated by samsung

its funny how android fanboys tell nokia to focus on 2 os's because its ''choice'' a word they only use when it suits them...but they tell HTC to focus on only android.....why is this? why should nokia stretch itself when it would do more harm in the current position

HTC are already into both os's and could become second in both, an continue to maybe top of at-least one of the os's which is good for them as a whole

posted on 19 Aug 2013, 13:38

22. Reluctant_Human (Posts: 904; Member since: 28 Jun 2012)

I think ryq was being sarcastic because it's how you (chaotic and others like you) sound whenever Nokia and Android are mentioned in the same paragraph.

posted on 19 Aug 2013, 13:51 1

23. chaoticrazor (Posts: 2347; Member since: 28 Aug 2012)

theres no sarcasm there, he can use tht now as a cop out but it will be seen as just that

whats funny is how you say nothing on the constant trolling and fanboys repeating the same lines on these articles yet your quick to point at those who answer there selfsish fanboyism with reasonable and logical comments

please state where in my comment im wrong, also whats the need to shove android into every non android article?

face it android fanboys have become so much worse then any other type of fanboy, because they have numbers on there side now they believe every mindless praising comment they put is fact

so please debate with me but bring something credible or dont bother

posted on 19 Aug 2013, 14:50 1

27. Reluctant_Human (Posts: 904; Member since: 28 Jun 2012)

The other sh!t I don't care about.

My personal opinion on this matter (if that's what your asking) is that I think it's a good idea. I personally didn't like the old HTC Windows phones but love the HTC ONE.

Nokia seems to be doing the majority of the money making with their mid to lower range models which could be a nice place for HTC to jump in and compete with the 1020. The problem is that Windows needs to finally roll out with the update for hi res displays. Until then you won't be able to see the full beauty of this phone. Getting your feet wet in multiple OS is a smart move no matter what the company to sell more products.

posted on 19 Aug 2013, 15:04

28. chaoticrazor (Posts: 2347; Member since: 28 Aug 2012)

you dont care about what you actually brought up yourself, pointing the finger at others will blissfully ignoring what the majority do......seems your edging towards one side and it does show.....but lets carry on

nokia are going to be microsofts iphone maker in many ways. with them putting in all that work and people already classing wp8 as nokia it wont be too far fetched to say that nokia could become the only player with wp8 giving them a unique selling point (like how apple has ios)

but more players would also be nice and HTC can offer alot. high res screens are as of now more a bragging right and battery eater (s4 owner) 1080p screens are a major drain as battery tech isnt keeping up.

as for companies getting into more then one os yes its good as long as the company are in a good position. the android sad fanboys dont seem to get that android isnt the key to success for everyone. nokia would fall into the sea of android devices and be gone within afew years. with wp8 there rebuilding there reputation and bringing themselves back up. nokia shhouldnt go android as of now it would be foolish

HTC on the other hand are already in both os's and are moving up in the android world so there in good position to become a major player in wp too

anything to add?

posted on 19 Aug 2013, 15:47

29. Reluctant_Human (Posts: 904; Member since: 28 Jun 2012)

I edge towards one side because I have a preference. You obviously have yours (and it shows) and I have mine (and it shows).

The difference between iphone and Nokia is that Nokia is still an independent company but Apple makes their own phones and no one else is allowed to. You cannot make that comparison because that is a HUGE difference. If anything you can make the comparison that they are what Motorola used to be for Android years back with their Droid line.

But doesn't that bring up an interesting bit of detail with that comparison. Everyone talks about Samsung dominating the Android market but that wasn't always the case. They built up to where they are now and might not hold that position.

Everything can be a bragging right if you want it to be. but some people genuinely like higher res screens and are willing to deal with the battery draining. It's what the consumer wants because that is what has been selling.

What sets Nokia apart is the Carl Zeiss lens and it's only a matter of time before Samsung, Sony, LG, HTC
, Apple, Motorola, etc catch up. I personally would monopolize on this innovation as much as humanly possible much like HTC made a great phone that's selling good and trying to make as much money as they can off it. But that's just my opinion.

posted on 19 Aug 2013, 17:03

32. Topcat488 (Posts: 1396; Member since: 29 Sep 2012)

If Nokia never goes Android, it is to me worth nothing... But not going Android, is for Nokia nothing... Give it time, and all the Android OEM's will soon be in WP... Nowhere to run then huh Nokia. HahahahaHEEEEHhhaaawww

posted on 19 Aug 2013, 12:04 2

14. ZeroCide (Posts: 785; Member since: 09 Jan 2013)

Yes cuz HTC is also doing soooo well with android.

posted on 19 Aug 2013, 13:15

20. grapeseed87 (Posts: 123; Member since: 13 Mar 2013)

Who said WP is not doing well? It has aggressive growth and while its not the largest OS in the market its already No.3 a position that Android too had once.

posted on 19 Aug 2013, 14:35

25. wp8nokia (banned) (Posts: 16; Member since: 05 Aug 2013)

is doing so bad that went from 0 to 4% and still growing just wait and see lol and doing everything with something original something new no an ios copy .

posted on 19 Aug 2013, 11:42 3

4. scumbledEGG (unregistered)

one mini wp ;)

posted on 19 Aug 2013, 11:55 3

13. LetsBeHonest (Posts: 1526; Member since: 04 Jun 2013)

It will be also great to see a HTC one mini,ultra version of WP

posted on 20 Aug 2013, 07:52

37. scumbledEGG (unregistered)

Microsoft is the nervous system of every os, haha! we won!

posted on 19 Aug 2013, 11:43

6. scumbledEGG (unregistered)

it's a matter of choice, haha!!

posted on 19 Aug 2013, 11:43 1

7. XperiaFanZone (Posts: 2226; Member since: 21 Sep 2012)

I still don't understand why the Search button was used :/

posted on 19 Aug 2013, 11:46 3

8. xperiaDROID (banned) (Posts: 5629; Member since: 08 Mar 2013)

Because this is Windows Phone. Search button is used for Bing, when you find something that you don't know, you can tap the search button then BING! :)

posted on 19 Aug 2013, 11:48 1

10. XperiaFanZone (Posts: 2226; Member since: 21 Sep 2012)

Android ditched it for some reason.

posted on 19 Aug 2013, 11:51 2

11. xperiaDROID (banned) (Posts: 5629; Member since: 08 Mar 2013)

That's because if they include the search button, it will look messy. Three buttons are already enough for me, that includes the back, home and multitasking/menu button.

Four buttons are messy, don't you think?

posted on 19 Aug 2013, 11:55 1

12. XperiaFanZone (Posts: 2226; Member since: 21 Sep 2012)

Yeah, but they could have ditched the menu key (thank god they didn't). It's just better if the apps doesn't need the menu icon/symbol. Runs full screen with no problem.

posted on 19 Aug 2013, 12:24 1

17. gd761 (Posts: 152; Member since: 18 Sep 2012)

We Should be able to Choose the Search Provider when we First set up the Phones so when we hit the Search Button, the Search Provider of OUR CHOICE IS USED!

posted on 19 Aug 2013, 16:15

30. Bilpocalypse (Posts: 301; Member since: 13 Oct 2012)

That would require MS and Google to cooperate. We all know now how unlikely that is.

posted on 19 Aug 2013, 11:47 1

9. StreetNerd (Posts: 836; Member since: 08 Dec 2010)

they want to make a universl search in the feature

posted on 19 Aug 2013, 13:55

24. volcano (Posts: 348; Member since: 25 Jan 2013)

true i think it will be used as univerial search on wp 8.1

posted on 19 Aug 2013, 12:06 2

15. ZeroCide (Posts: 785; Member since: 09 Jan 2013)

Can this be on sprint soon alongside or replace the 8XT

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