Rumor: Kanye leaving music streamer Tidal over money; Sprint's 4:44 exclusive to end July 7th

Rumor: Kanye leaving music streamer Tidal over money; Sprint's 4:44 exclusive to end July 7th
Jay Z's streaming music service Tidal has been in the news recently because of its partnership with Sprint. Those wishing to hear the rapper-entrepreneur's new 4:44 album can still hear it only on Tidal, and only if they are a Sprint customer. But Tidal is also in the news because fellow rapper Kanye West is reportedly leaving Tidal. Kanye's Life of Pablo album was a short lived exclusive on Tidal, and purportedly brought in 1.5 million new subscribers for which he was supposed to receive a bonus.

West was also supposed to get paid for some music videos that he made. Between the bonus and the videos, the amount that he claims that Tidal owes him is $3 million. According to TMZ, Tidal claims that it hadn't received the music videos from Kanye, which is why it didn't pay him. In response, West says that he will turn over the videos once he gets paid.

As it turns out, lyrics written by Jay Z that are found on the new album insult Kanye, but those in the know say that the decision to leave Tidal was made by Kanye prior to the release of the album, and that he had no idea what the lyrics would say in advance.

TMZ's sources say that Tidal has sent a letter to West, reminding him that he is under an exclusive contract with Tidal, and that the music streamer will take him to court if he signs with another music streaming company. If that happens, Kanye is prepared to file a suit against Tidal.

By the way, Sprint customers are rumored to be losing their exclusive on Jay Z's 4:44, which is said to be coming to Apple Music and iTunes on July 7th.

source: TMZ via Engadget


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