Roughly 10 percent of Microsoft employees packing Apple's pride & joy

Roughly 10 percent of Microsoft employees packing Apple's pride & joy
Steve Ballmer's privy eyes can't weed out all those employees he has underneath him from going rogue and using the competition's handset – he has no problems in stomping out an iPhone from underneath an employee; literally. Even with that public showing, it still looks like it's not enough to get some Microsoft employees to kick their old habits of using the Apple iPhone. Estimates overheard from senior Microsoft executives painted a picture of approximately 10,000 iPhone users were accessing Microsoft's employee email system last year – which equates to about 10 percent of its global staff. Even with the temptation of offering reimbursement expenses for those whose handset of choice is Windows Phone-based, it seems that Apple's pride and joy is still tempting enough to really dance on the fine line that Microsoft draws by openly discouraging the use of it. Although there might be very few who would openly use their iPhone in the plain sight of Microsoft's grounds, others have been able to conceal their handset's identity by hiding them in generic cases to look like other smartphones.

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