Rogers to offer HTC Dream owners a free upgrade to HTC Magic?

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Rogers to offer HTC Dream owners a free upgrade to HTC Magic?
Just the other day, word was that Rogers-the Canadian carrier-was going to upgrade two HTC Android handsets to the 2.1 OS build. The two models are the Dream and the Magic. The problem is that the former model does not have the memory to upgrade to 2.1 while the latter can make the change. If tipsters for Engadget are correct, Rogers decided that this turn of events was not, oh, let's say equitable. So the carrier is working on a way to take the Dream away from current users and replace it with some Magic. Owners of the Dream will have to remember that the Magic does not have a physical QWERTY, so if you are completely in love with the QWERTY on the Dream, you better stop and think which you want more-the physical keyboard or Android 2.1. Your call.

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source: EngadgetMobile


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