Rock, Paper and Scissors are together but not the same in Google's new Android ad

Google's new ad for Android has a life lesson for those who are bullied and don't fit in. Meet Paper. He seems a little too clean cut compared with other Paper types that attend his school, and as a result he is bullied. But in getting picked on, he meets a new friend, Scissors, with a cutting edge. As it happens, both are walking down the street when they run into Rock getting bullied.

Remembering how it felt when he was getting bullied, Paper goes after the bullies and with one mean look, they run off. And now Rock, Paper and Scissors are friends. Each are completely different from each other, but are together.

And as the strains of St. Elmo's Fire play in the background, Android's slogan (Be together. Not the same) is superimposed on the screen. Is there a message there for Apple? Is Google telling Apple not to be bullied by the government? After all, Google CEO Sundar Pichai has already come out in favor of Apple over the latter's decision not to unlock a terrorist's iPhone. And Google said it would file an amicus brief supporting its rival.

Or perhaps we are just reading too much into this and there is no hidden meaning. Regardless, you can get a gander at the latest Android ad by clicking on the video at the top of this story.

source: Android via AndroidCentral


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