Results: would you buy a secondhand smartphone?

Results: would you buy a secondhand smartphone?
Some people love to hunt for bargains, some like to get shiny, brand-new, warranty-protected gadgets that feel truly theirs. Each group has their reasons — obviously, a secondhand phone will be much cheaper than a brand-new one, so one can afford to get a flagship at midrange prices. It might be a bit scuffed, it may not come with its original packaging, but hey — the gadget is still the same, right?

Those who don't go for used smartphones have their own valid reasons to do so: as mentioned — warranty, device condition, packaging, that "new" feeling, and, of course, confidence in the gizmo's technical history. We thought we'd ask you: would you rather go for a used smartphone or a new one? Here's how the poll went!

Do you (would you) buy used smartphones?

Always - I see no reason to buy new with all the deals out there
I am not strictly against it - if the right offer is there at the right time, I'll snag it
I would buy a used smartphone only as a backup device
Never would I ever buy a used smartphone

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