Results: have you ever had a smartphone damaged by water?

Results: have you ever had a smartphone damaged by water?
Nowadays, water-resistance or at least some type of splash-resistance seem to be a must on flagship (and midrange) smartphones. It used to be a rare commodity and mostly featured on rugged phones like the Galaxy Active series or any one of those tanky CAT handsets. Now, you can usually breathe calmly when your phone is near the kitchen sink or next to a spilled drink.

But anyway, we thought it would be a fun — in a bittersweet way — trip down memory lane to try and remember how many handsets we've had drown on us before. We thought we'd ask you — how many smartphones have you managed to wetten to death in the past? Here's how that poll went:

Have you ever had a smartphone damaged by water?

Sad to say - more than once. But less than 10 times, I promise!
Yes, it happened that one time. Rice in a bag did not help.
Had a scare once, but managed to dry it off and rescue it.
Nope, never.


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