Results: extra-tall screens are well-accepted by the community

Posted: , by Preslav Kateliev Preslav Kateliev

Results: extra-tall screens are well-accepted by the community
Last year was marked by the introduction of a new display aspect ratio in the smartphone world — 18:9 (or even taller, up to 19.5:9). Mixing thin bezels with elongated displays resulted in futuristic-looking phones that deliver web content with more immersion than we thought we could get up until now. But it also introduces weird letterboxing, notches, and the removal of front-mounted home buttons or fingerprint scanners.

Some people aren't exactly happy with the new tech, others welcome it. We thought we'd ask — how many of you firmly intend on sticking with 16:9 for as long as possible? The poll results are interesting — most voters (38%) actually prefer the ultra-wide ratio, a good 41% don't put aspect ratio as a determining factor for their purchase, and just 20% prefer to stick with 16:9. Well, we say "just", but that could translate to a lot of people in the end... Let's see which companies decide to please that niche and continue making 16:9 flagships in 2018!


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