Results: Essential Phone gets toppled by OnePlus


So, while the Essential Phone aspired to be a high-class, premium device, it sadly stumbled as it was stepping out of the door for the first time. It's a good phone, sure, but it didn't gather as much interest as it should've and its starting price of $699 quickly started to tumble down the tier list. Now, it's pinned at $449.

On the other hand, OnePlus has steadily been building a reputation of making great bang-for-the-buck smartphones, which it calls “flagship killers”. The OnePlus 5T, the newest entry, starts at $499, so about $50 more than the Essential Phone right now.

We thought we'd ask you — given the fact that these are similarly-priced, “affordable” flagships, which one would you get? Here's how that poll went:

Essential Phone or OnePlus 5T?

Essential all the way!
OnePlus 5T is where it's at!

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