Results: Do you ever set your phone face down on the table?

Results: Do you ever set your phone face down on the table?
So, there are people out there that have no issues placing their phone glass first on a flat surface, and there are those that cringe at the sight of that. But which camp has more people?

Both sides have their reasoning. Some people who lay their phone screen down will have a screen protector on, or a case with a lip. Others will trust that the latest Gorilla Glass will fight off any scratches. And there are those who change smartphones often, so, before any scratches become annoying, the handset is already gone. Manufacturers and app developers have acknowledged the fact that some people like to keep their phone face down when they do not wish to be disturbed and have developed software solutions that mute the phone when its turned this way.

On the other hand, purists will argue that even the latest generation of Gorilla Glass can't withstand some harder specks of sand that can be floating through the air (and landing on tables) and that it's generally not a good idea to have your phone's display skidding along any surfaces.

We decided to ask you, our readers, how you usually place your phone. 25% confirmed that they would never, ever lay their phone face down. Another 25% doesn't care that much. And the rest will either do it when in a serious meeting or when they have protection over the phone (or both).

Do you put your phone face down on the table?

Never would I ever do this!
Very rarely (example: when in an important meeting and notifications keep coming in)
I do it sometimes, but that's fine, I've got a screen protector / case with a lip on it
Yeah, I often lay my phone on its display, it's fine.


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