Reportedly, WP7 is selling quite well in Europe

Reportedly, WP7 is selling quite well in Europe
Ingo Hofacker, Head of Consumer Marketing of Deutsche Telekom (mother of T-Mobile), which happens to be the largest mobile carrier in Europe, said that WP7 is selling quite well. His exact words, as reported by the German version of Yahoo:

"We are ahead of budget, Microsoft is very pleased."

LG, on the other hand, has complained last week that its WP7 sales weren't "what everyone expected." This could be partly down to the fact that, arguably, LG doesn't offer the most attractive WP7 handsets out there, although its LG Optimus 7 is pretty good on the whole.

Back in December last year, we told you that Microsoft has shipped 1.5 million phones powered by its latest mobile OS to carriers and retailers. It is possible that WP7 handsets are selling better in Europe than in the States, but since this OS is still in its infancy, it is just too early to judge whether Windows Phone 7 is set to conquer the mobile world or not.

source: via WPCentral


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