Report confirms that the bezel-less edges on the ZTE Nubia Z9 will be used for special functions

Report confirms that the bezel-less edges on the ZTE Nubia Z9 will be used for special functions
Last week, we told you how ZTE is all pumped up about the bezel-less Nubia Z9 flagship. The manufacturer posted images comparing the capabilities of the handset with the QWERTY keyboard on early Nokia phones, and the touchscreen on the OG Apple iPhone. Using the edge of the Nubia Z9's screen, where the bezel would normally go, will allow the user to set off certain functions. ZTE calls this the "third interaction revolution" following Nokia and Apple.

Some screenshots and other images leaked by ZTE GM Ni Fei indicate that this feature will be called FiT for Fringe Interactive technology. Using one or two fingers to slide along either or both edges will allow Nubia Z9 users to switch active apps on the screen, make volume or brightness adjustments and more.

The ZTE Nubia Z9 is expected to be unveiled on May 6th and we look forward to seeing this new technology in action. As we told you last week, ZTE is planning on making the API of FiT available so that third parties can develop the space.

source: NiFei via GizmoChina



1. AndroidLollipop unregistered


2. endygwa

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how do you make this work if you dont have pianist fingers

3. nebula

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Don't think so

4. Zanatech

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big news

5. Neo_Huang

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These actually look pretty useful. The top gesture on slide 2 is for speeding up your phone, which I guess means unlocking the full clock-speed of the processor.

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