Report confirms Apple's decision to use SiPs for next iPhone models

Report confirms Apple's decision to use SiPs for next iPhone models
Back in March, we passed along a rumor out of China that said Apple would be using System in Package (SiP) technology along with a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) on the next iteration of the Apple iPhone. This morning, a fresh new report from China confirms the original story. By using SiPs inside the iPhone, Apple opens up space inside the device for a larger battery.

The SiP technology was employed by Cupertino in the Apple Watch, and the report says that for the Apple iPhone 6s and Apple iPhone 6s Plus the tech titan will use both SiPs and a PCB before eliminating the latter completely with the 2016 iPhone. Even though Apple seems to consider SiPs the best thing since sliced bread, if one part of the module is found to be faulty, the entire SiP is bad which means that production yields are often low.

The same report says that despite rumors that the next iPhone models could be unveiled early, with the SiPs going into production this month, it won't be until late September or early October before the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus see the light of day. Besides the SiPs, other technology borrowed from the Apple Watch and rumored to be earmarked for the new iPhones include Force Touch and the Series 7000 aluminum that will prevent a repeat of #bendgate.

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