Remember when...

Remember when...
Today, we’re bombarded constantly with many high-end smartphones that seemingly blow us away in many aspects. From getting work done to staying connected with friends and family, it’s almost arguable that our modern day devices can do just about anything. Simply, they’re no longer regarded as being luxury items reserved for the rich, but rather, they’ve become necessities in our daily lives.

Yes, we can order a pizza and have it delivered to us, all from the comforts of our phones, but in this nostalgic article, we’re going to reminisce back to the days when our advanced mobile devices weren’t quite as equipped as they are now. Some of the mentioned items will surely jog back some fond memories, while others will simply make you realize how we ever lived without certain things in our lives. As always, if you have something to share that’s not noted below, please be sure to share them with us in the comments section. So with that, let’s go down memory road and remember when…



1. CivicSi89

Posts: 349; Member since: Jul 23, 2011

Hahah i remember all of this! Expecially the LED Light thing man. I used to have one of those hanging off the side of my brick Nokia. Thaught i was the coolest kid on the block.

5. good2great

Posts: 1042; Member since: Feb 22, 2012

haha that good ole BRICK nokia... that was my first phone... i had the LED light antenna and light up battery...haha those were the days! thats back when ATT was charging extra for long distant calls... my bills use to be $400 a month!!!

2. jmoita2

Posts: 930; Member since: Dec 23, 2011

I actually remember looking up pizza places in the phone book, then dialing from my land line rotary phone!!! lol!!!! Ant then i delivered pizza in college using a paper Thomas guide...

3. CivicSi89

Posts: 349; Member since: Jul 23, 2011

Dude. did you ever have an MVNO Carrier like Helio or Amp'd?

11. shadowcell

Posts: 300; Member since: Mar 28, 2012

My brother had the Helio Ocean. To me that was like hi-tech latest and greatest. I was so astonished to see that this phone had a built-in GPS.

15. CivicSi89

Posts: 349; Member since: Jul 23, 2011

Haha i went thru helio for a while because i thaught it was "cool" no one had it. and everytime i pulled one out people looked and asked about it. Went from the Helio Fin-to the Mysto-To the Kickflip-to the Ocean-To the Ocean 2. all in less than a year. haha. tells ya what kinda of carrier Helio was. And now Gamestop is doing this MVNO thing as well partnering with AT&T. so i wonder how thats gonan work.

4. thedarkside

Posts: 654; Member since: Apr 30, 2012

Today, the top mobile platform consists of Apple, iOS, and Windows Phone, as we’re constantly introduced with a wide variety of handsets running those platforms... uhh.. this needs to be changed. maybe to read android, iOS, and windows phone...

6. good2great

Posts: 1042; Member since: Feb 22, 2012

lol... good catch...

7. phatride4ever

Posts: 33; Member since: Mar 01, 2012

When text messages cost $ per text or having a pager meant you were the cool kid.

12. shadowcell

Posts: 300; Member since: Mar 28, 2012

I loved it during senior year when my classmate was showing off his Nokia candybar cell phone with monochrome screen and monotonic ringtones. Good times...

16. jmoita2

Posts: 930; Member since: Dec 23, 2011

I had the same exact phone. And the coolest thing that mesmerized all my friends back then was the snake!!!

30. jroc74

Posts: 6023; Member since: Dec 30, 2010

lol....spelling words on the pager by dialing certain numbers....that was soo

8. WirelessCon

Posts: 311; Member since: May 11, 2010

Remember when time-frames gave an idea of "when" our "remembering" began, especially in an article titled, "Remember When..." ?

9. remixfa

Posts: 14605; Member since: Dec 19, 2008

John V. #4 you said "Apple, iOS, and Microsoft rule..." I think you mean "Android, iOS, Microsoft.." :) And as a fun quip to mapquest. Who still pulls up mapquest and gets paper directions? People on iOS6, thats who!!! lol. No turn by turn directions for older models. :)

14. thedarkside

Posts: 654; Member since: Apr 30, 2012

i covered the number 4 issue. lol

21. biophone

Posts: 1994; Member since: Jun 15, 2011

Well i have ios 5 and don't use mapquest :). In car navigation is soooo much nicer then a phone verison. Or then again i could also download an app for a dollar or two.

26. gallitoking

Posts: 4721; Member since: May 17, 2011

I say people that are on Sprint.. still use mapquest as their page never loads on their cellphone looking for signal

10. Non_Sequitur

Posts: 1111; Member since: Mar 16, 2012

I'm at a paaaaaayphone, tryin' to caaaaall home... I was little and/or not really interested in tech when most of this happened. I'm surprised I remember some of it.

13. sorcio46

Posts: 435; Member since: Jul 27, 2011

In Italy: "3G connectivity was regarded as a high-speed connection" is still the reality (when 3G is available)

17. christianqwerty

Posts: 467; Member since: May 05, 2011

Remember when the Motorola “Razr" was a flip phone with a 2.25 inch screen and a 1.3 MP camera?

24. thelegend6657 unregistered

I had one . Before I changed to a HTC Universal Windows mobile phone

19. snowgator

Posts: 3621; Member since: Jan 19, 2011

I remember jumping from long distance provider to long distance provider on my home phone to get the specials they had for jumping ship. I rarely was with a long distance carrier for longer then 6 months. To this very day, I remember being completely amused by the thought of a camera on a phone. "A CAMERA??? ON A PHONE??? REALLY??? What freaking use is THAT?? Just a way to grab your money. It will never catch on..."

22. Doakie

Posts: 2478; Member since: May 06, 2009

Dude, I remember when iPhones launched and were "exclusive" and showed how much money you had to blow. I recently went to the Wal-Mart in the bad part of my town and most people had iPhones. People who looked homeless, walking around taking loudly on their phones to try to draw attention... Not to mention back when iPhones had specs that blew all other phones out of the water, now they're tiny toys. I also remember the days when Apple innovated. Now they're just another electronics company who steals ideas from other electronics companies. It's sad to see a once innovative company fall back to being so blah. Apple's creativity died with Jobs.

27. gallitoking

Posts: 4721; Member since: May 17, 2011

I remember when the only Androids was the one on the movie T2

23. mercorp

Posts: 1045; Member since: Jan 28, 2012

Siang kar pager! you didnt tell us all about iphone,android,brick phones and that 3310 though.

25. whothisperson

Posts: 102; Member since: May 06, 2012

I remember when Nokia and Sony Ericsson phones were the best phones you could buy but no US carriers offered them so you had to buy them as International or unlocked.

28. dmckay12

Posts: 243; Member since: Feb 25, 2012

I remember playing snake on my Dad's phone and thinking that it was the best thing ever. But yeah, I remember 4th grade.

29. jroc74

Posts: 6023; Member since: Dec 30, 2010

Ahh yes...#4. I bet alot of folks dont remember that Win Mo was in the top 3. My first smartphone was an Omnia 1.. I remember when....getting 2Mbps down from home internet was.. LIGHTENING FAST!!!!

31. jroc74

Posts: 6023; Member since: Dec 30, 2010

I remember when Windows OS was on installation...diskettes....floppy discs. And the actual floppy kind that were soft. I remember drawing a circle using BASIC was the most amazing thing ever to do on a PC...

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