Regional retailers are also beginning to sell the HP TouchPad

Regional retailers are also beginning to sell the HP TouchPad
If you haven’t noticed yet, the HP TouchPad’s presence in Best Buys stores across the nation is remarkably prevalent with various signs and stands being used to show off the tablet’s capabilities to wandering customers. Of course, you can also see other major retailers like Walmart and Carphone Warehouse doing the same as it’s clearly evident that HP is doing their best in advertising their webOS 3.0 powered tablet.

Interestingly enough, HP is continuing to bring its TouchPad to other smaller regional retailers around the country in the hopes of spurring some interest with the tablet – and not to mention much needed sales as well! Regional retailers like P.C. Richard & Son in New York and Micro Center from Cincinnati are beginning to sell the HP TouchPad, which goes to show the kind of scale that HP is willing to put themselves in to match their competitors.

Considering that HP is a major player in the industry as a whole, it’s not surprising to see them striking deals to show off their tablet in these stores. But more importantly, it allows the HP TouchPad to gain some visibility alongside some of the more well-known tablets on the market. Still, it’ll be interesting to see how successful they’re at with their aggressive push.

source: P.C. Richard & Son, Micro Center via PreCentral

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1. WSY unregistered

I am wondering how realistically it is to expect consumers to pay more in the shop to buy the Touchpad. The selling price of Touchpad is higher than the iPad2 16GByte. Being unknown and unproven, I would certainly go for iPad2 than for the Touchpad. Or, is there anything so unique to the Touchpad that I don't know of?

2. michael95gt

Posts: 45; Member since: Jul 19, 2009

My local Wal-Mart has had them in stock for a couple weeks.

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