Displays for the HP TouchPad are beginning to appear at Walmart & Best Buy

Displays for the HP TouchPad are beginning to appear at Walmart & Best Buy
With the heat of the summer just right around the corner, it seemingly will signal the availability of the upcoming HP TouchPad, but in the meantime, we’re seeing a couple of big bog retailers starting to prepare for its arrival.

Retailing giants Best Buy and Walmart are going to be two well-known players that will sell the brand spanking new webOS powered tablet, and it looks like HP is going to be make sure that their tablet will be getting plenty of face time within those stores. Actually, display stands have already been arriving at stores showing that the tablet will be getting its own dedicated sections – as opposed to being thrown into the usual area reserved for tablets. In fact, one of the display stands in Best Buy is going to be situated right in the computer department with the recognizable HP logo plastered underneath it.

Moreover, we see yet again HP’s presence in other areas like a new “end cap” display at Best Buy showing off the HP Veer 4G. Naturally, it goes to show that HP isn’t holding back one bit and they’re going all out to reserve these spaces to make sure their products get plenty of visibility. Granted that HP’s presence in the smartphone and tablet world might not be all that renowned just yet, we’re utterly confident that it’ll blossom as we swing into the dead heat of the summer season.

source: webOSroundup via PreCentral

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1. Xpple unregistered

wow. . . it actually looks like HP might be doing it right. Android tablets tanked their displays in general. . . as did the PlayBook.

2. rwolf1984

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3. snowgator

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A lot of HP's product placement seems to be around the Touchpad. While the Veer was the first, this Tablet has been getting a lot of love during shows and in product "teasers" to drum up interest. They haven't ignored the smartphones, but this is where the emphasis has been on. Add campaigns, getting it to the largest retailers, displays, the whole bit. It is a very good tablet if you look at the specs only, and price range and available extras like apps may be the only factors left that may keep it down. I still wonder how much of a market there is this year on non-iPad tablets, but HP seems ready to go to war for it's TouchPad and at least try to get it ahead of the Playbook and Android offerings.

4. oldbto

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"Heat of the summer just around the corner" You haven't been to Atlanta lately have you?.

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