Recent job posting reveals phone backup and easy restore will be coming to Windows Phones

Recent job posting reveals phone backup and easy restore will be coming to Windows Phones
Windows Phone is still considered to be in its infancy, seeing that it’s the latest mobile platform on the scene, but as we’ve seen already, Microsoft has made plenty of headway in bringing its smartphone operating system up to par with the elites in the industry. Still, there is one feature that some users would’ve thought to be a part of the platform from day one – an easy backup system of some sort.

Thankfully, it looks like that it’s coming in the future seeing that a recent job posting on Microsoft’s job site mentions phone back and easy restore will be making its way to the next version of Windows Phone. Actually, the job posting is for a Redmond-based Software Development Engineer that would be a part of Microsoft’s team for Windows Phone Backup, Migrate, and Restore. Specifically, the posting reads:

Yes, it might not be a big thing considering that many would’ve assumed this feature to be a part of the platform since the beginning, but nonetheless, it’s eventually coming in some form – whether it’s incorporated with Zune on a PC or some kind of cloud-based system. Either way, we’d bet that both will be available, but now it’s simply a matter of time at this point.

source: Microsoft via WP Central


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