Ray Kurzweil talks about teaching Google to understand natural language

Ray Kurzweil talks about teaching Google to understand natural language
When we heard that Ray Kurzweil was joining the Google team, we automatically saw the potential for what he could bring to Google's "neural network", which powers key products like Android's voice command, voice search, and Google Now. Well, just a few days after starting at Google, Kurzweil talked to Singularity Hub about the projects he's working on at Google.

A lot of his work will be on helping to teach Google's systems to understand natural language, something that has already gotten a boost from Google's "neural network", but should get even better with Kurzweil's help. Kurzweil is very positive about the work, saying "there's no more important project than understanding intelligence and recreating it."

The plan to work on natural language also crosses over to Google Now quite easily, because a big part of understanding language is intuiting intent, or as Kurzweil says, it's all about answering search queries "without you actually asking."


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