Radio Shack will trade your old handset for one of three shiny new models

Radio Shack will trade your old handset for one of three shiny new models
You know that ancient Motorola RAZR that is collecting dust in the drawer? The old handset can be used to help you obtain a shiny new HTC EVO 4G, a T-Mobile G2 or a myTouch 4G from Radio Shack. Bring in an old handset in working condition, sign a 2 year contract, and Radio Shack will charge you $99 for the HTC EVO 4G, or $79.99 for the T-Mobile G2 or the myTouch 4G. Even better yet, when you activate the phone through Radio Shack, you will get a free Bluetooth headset.

If you were planning on buying one of those three models, and you have a working phone that is just taking up space, this sure is a sweet deal that would put the icing on your holiday shopping.

source: TMONews

UPDATE: According to a Radio Shack employee, the actual deal requires you to bring into the store a working cell phone with no physical or water damage. The trade-in must be able to power on. In return, the customer will receive $100 off the price of an HTC EVO 4G on Sprint's network.

The $79.99 price for the T-Mobile G2 and the myTouch 4G requires only a 2 year contract, no trade in is necessary. Finally, the free Bluetooth is being given away to anyone who signs a 2 year contract through Radio Shack.

If the T-Mobile network is more your style, Radio Shack will allow you to trade in your old-but still working-handset, sign a 2 year pact, and pay $79.99 for the HTC manufactured G2 or the myTouch 4G.



6. Tmo_Rep unregistered

U can trade in ANY Phone for ANY Carrier.........Trade in an IPhone and pay as low as $5 for a MyTouch4G ... Trade in your OLD G1 and take $30 off the Upgrade or New Activation Price for The G2, MyTouch4G and Vibrant.

4. Jp unregistered

Rebate is instant in store

2. Allan unregistered

Is the price for the EVO instant with an old phone or is a rebate required? I saw online it is being offered for the same price but I would rather save on shipping and have my new phone sooner if the price is $99.99 instantly in-store.

1. CapedCrusaderRobin

Posts: 32; Member since: Dec 19, 2010

as an rs employee the promo is bring in any working phone, with no physical damage, no water damage and must power on and not be pin-locked and get $100 credit towards the htc evo only. the free bluetooth applies to any 2 new yr agreement new line or upgrade. the prices on the g2 and mytouch 4g are as stated and dont need a phone trade in to get those prices.

3. Johnabis unregistered

are you still eligible for this deal if your not eligible for an upgrade yet? I got a blackberry 8 months ago and would love to trade it in for an Evo for 99 bucks..

5. elpajaro81 unregistered

i'd like 2 know the same cuz i have the mytouch slide n would prefer the mytouch 4g. so is this only for new customers or existing ones also, that aren't eligible for an upgrade?

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