Radio Shack drops the price of T-Mobile phones to zero on contract

Radio Shack drops the price of T-Mobile phones to zero on contract
Yes, you read the title correct. Starting today, all of the T-Mobile post-paid handsets that the Shack has to offer will cost you nothing, as long as you commit to a contract with the carrier. Luckily, this is anything but a rumor that we are dealing with here as the retailer broke out the news on its very own Facebook page.

It is all a part of Radio Shack's agenda to drop its partnership with T-Mobile by September 14 and start offering Verizon phones instead. Perhaps, if you have been looking for the perfect time to upgrade your phone with something newer, this might just be your chance. Just bear in mind that the deals will be available in Radio Shack outlets only so don't be surprised if the bargains are not listed in the retailer's online store.

Is there a particular phone that you are thinking about getting? Feel free to brag about it in the comments below.

source: Facebook via TmoNews



1. TreyTreyTaylor

Posts: 728; Member since: Dec 21, 2010

Now I'm positive the mergers gonna go through. Dam shame.

10. twenti7

Posts: 152; Member since: Jul 09, 2011

This more than likely has nothing to do with the proposed merger. If it did, then Radio Shack wouldn't be the only one doing this. This is almost certainly so that The Shack can quickly get rid of its T-Mobile inventory before Verizon takes their place in the stores on September 14.

2. Lunan unregistered

This is for NEW ACTIVATIONS only, not upgrade customers

3. dashak unregistered

New contract only, EVERY HANDSET. HTC Sensation, the G2X, Sidekick 4G, Galaxy S 4G... High end phones for free. If the merger goes through the fact that you're on T-Mobile's service won't even matter for that long (Q1 of 2012 is what I keep seeing, if things go through). And it really looks like both T-Mobile AND AT&T are getting ready for an imminent merger. Both companies seem pretty sure of themselves. In the event of a comedic twist of fate I'd like to see the merger halted. The "this is happening" attitude being given off by both carriers honestly makes me WANT to see them prevented from joining up. Not just for that reason, know, also for the consumers.

4. windontree unregistered

Let's be real (listen up FCC). We ALL know that if AT&T gobbles up T-Mobile, the customers will be losing out. Competition will be going away and the great pricing we see from T-Mobile and sometimes AT&T that is a direct result of this competition will be GONE ! I have been with both AT&T and T-Mobile and decided recently that T-Mobile's offerings and pricing was far superior to AT&T. This merger would benefit AT&T (who will now begin to jack up the pricing) and make losers of us all. Thank You FCC and the Justice Dept more making our lives worse.

5. blahblahblah unregistered

Except for all of the AT&T customers, of course, who are already paying their prices and will appreciate the extra cell infrastructure, coverage, and bandwidth. All of which should equate to better speed and reliability on their existing network. What this means for people in cities that are controlled by Verizon is that it might start forcing Big-Red to be a bit more competitive with their pricing scheme.

6. Airhorn unregistered

Are you retarded or do you work for AT&T (in that case, both)?

7. blahblahblah unregistered

Hmm... you seem to suck at life just a bit. Try again.

8. Airhorn unregistered

No need to try, homo.

9. luis_lopez_351

Posts: 951; Member since: Nov 18, 2010

Sprint is going to get alot of customers :)

11. daryl227140

Posts: 6; Member since: Aug 13, 2011

I'm against the AT&T/Tmobile merger simply because T-Mobile will become a thing of the past. The great plans, the commercials, the innovations (the first U.S. carrier to carry Android phones), will be gone probably a year after the deal goes through. With that said, AT&T can go ahead and be lazy with their pricing after they take T-Mobile. Verizon, Sprint, and hell even MetroPCS will step up and be more agressive with their plans. People are getting tired of AT&T, and are shying away from T-Mobile simply because they're going to be AT&T. People are tired of their crap, even the employees are starting to hate them (go into a COR AT&T or T-Mobile store, you'll see).

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