Racing game Forza Street to come out on iOS and Android

Racing game Forza Street to come out on iOS and Android
The popular simulation racing game series gets a mobile addition for iOS and Android on May 5th.

Along with competing in races, gameplay will revolve around the collection of cars, to be displayed and upgraded in the player's garage. A Windows 10 version of the game is already out, and progress can be shared between it and its upcoming mobile port.

Being primarily a mobile game, Forza Street is to be expectedly simpler than console Forza titles, dropping its iconic realism in favor of mobile-friendly gameplay, though it will still have a story to tie in the races, and feature impressive visuals. Racing will be conveniently short enough for a quick play on the go.

It's also reasonable to expect that in-app purchases will be included, possibly as a quicker alternative to unlocking cars and upgrades via racing. The game does feature in-game credits and gold after all, which would likely be possible to purchase with real-life funds.

As announced by Microsoft, gamers who play Forza Street in its first month of release will receive a Founder's Pack, which includes a rare 2017 Ford GT along with some of the aforementioned in-game credits and gold, without an exact amount specified.

Forza as a series has been around since 2005, its first game also being the first original Xbox title at the time of its release. Since then, Forza games have become titular for Microsoft's console, appealing to gamers who are seeking a realistic racing experience as opposed to the more arcadey feel of the likes of Need for Speed. Forza is considered a billion-dollar success for Microsoft, and one of the highest grossing video game franchises.

Pre-registration for Forza Street is available now to Android users, on both Google Play and Samsung Galaxy Store.

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