RIM wants to help you convince your IT manager to buy new BlackBerry 7 OS phones

RIM wants to help you convince your IT manager to buy new BlackBerry 7 OS phones
Let's say you work for a company that hands out BlackBerry smartphones to its employees. The devices run BlackBerry 6 OS and can't be updated to the latest BlackBerry 7 OS. You've talked to your IT manager, but he isn't impressed with your argument. What can you do? Where can you turn? How about going online to www.upgrademenow.com. This is a website put up by RIM to help enterprise employees make a persuasive argument to their IT manager.

The site lists a number of things you can say to your IT manager to try to convince him that a new BlackBerry 7 OS powered device would enhance productivity at the office and in the field. For example, you can tell him that BlackBerry 7 OS has the fastest browser on a BlackBerry to date. Or how about telling him that apps available exclusively for the newer OS make you more productive and help you stay connected in the field. If he is a typical enterprise user that focuses on BlackBerry email, tell him that BlackBerry 7 OS has a universal inbox so that all messages can be easily found in one place. Those devices that support NFC offer BlackBerry Tag which helps users share contacts and photos. Speaking of photos, the new devices offer HD photos and video and integrate easily with the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. If those arguments don't work, you can mention how secure BlackBerry 7 OS is.

If you are scared of your IT manager or just don't do well in face-to-face interaction, the website has an email already written that you can use. All you do is add your name at the bottom, plug in your IT manager's email address, click, and the message is on the way. We have to say, this is an interesting idea and very well could result in some enterprise business for RIM. The only question we have is, once you convince your IT manager to buy BlackBerry 7 OS devices, how will you convince him to update to BlackBerry 10 OS phones when the new OS launches later this year? After all, older devices will not be updated and that includes those with BlackBerry 7 OS.source: RIM via BerryReview


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