Internal RIM documents show off more of BlackBerry 10; BlackBerry Colt 2 to be first BB 10 phone

Internal RIM documents show off more of BlackBerry 10; BlackBerry Colt 2 to be first BB 10 phone
Last week, RIM introduced its new BlackBerry 10 OS at the BlackBerry World Conference in Orlando. Since the Canadian based manufacturer is still working on the software, we were able to get a taste of what the new OS is about. More information was revealed through a leak of some RIM documents, obtained by Crackberry. Instead of offering a widget-based home screen like Android, BlackBerry 10's home screen keeps four or more of your recently used apps along with a screen showing your open applications (think MeeGo). The messaging system is a swipe away.

Pictures of the lockscreen show that you can see notifications without unlocking the phone and the Cinnamon Toast system allows you to receive more information about a notification, by tilting your BlackBerry. The phone is unlocked by dragging up on the screen.

The source that tipped Crackberry to this information also had some RIM news to discuss, such as word that the 10 inch BlackBerry PlayBook has been scrapped and RIM will stick with 7 inch tablets for now. The tipster also revealed that the 4G PlayBooks are still set to launch next month and they will have BBM installed out of the box as expected. Finally, the BlackBerry Colt 2 will be the first BlackBerry 10 model and features metal edges with sharp corners. As CEO Thurston Heins alluded to at the Conference, a model with a physical QWERTY is being developed.

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