RIM to continue supporting BlackBerry OS 7 as BlackBerry 10 rolls out

RIM to continue supporting BlackBerry OS 7 as BlackBerry 10 rolls out
Perhaps the Mayan calendar was interpreted incorrectly. If you're reading this, the end of the world did not take place, at least for PhoneArena readers. But just maybe, the Mayan calendar was all about BlackBerry OS 7 and was warning us that once BlackBerry 10 is launched, BlackBerry OS 7 will die. Well, if the Mayans did mean to warn us about the impeding doom for BlackBerry OS 7, they got that one wrong as well. During Thursday night's conference call following the release of fiscal Q3 earnings, RIM CEO Thorsten Heins made it clear that RIM will continue to support BlackBerry OS 7.

Heins says that RIM still has a "significant R&D team" working on the software, and the continued success of the platform in the Asia Pacific market gives the Canadian manufacturer a reason to continue supporting the OS build. Heins also hinted for the first time that the legacy models might be cut in price and sold to cover a lower end price point. He even hinted that BB10 hardware could be sold with BB OS 7 inside, "...because for those messaging-oriented markets, it’s an exciting platform and its a really perfect platform."

source: Crackberry



1. wendygarett unregistered

Will rim support playbook as well? Because that's crucial as well... and I also hope the CM team works on this qnx based os so that we can root this bb10 in order to be cydia killer... Just sayin lol

14. Droid_X_Doug

Posts: 5993; Member since: Dec 22, 2010

Don't know about Playbook. Maybe not, since sales volume just was not there. OS7 is a different matter. If RIM bailed on OS7, that would be suicidal, and RIM doesn't strike me as being suicidal. At least not yet.

15. wendygarett unregistered

I'm thinking of that too lol

16. stychill unregistered

the playbook will be getting BB10 as well, just at a later date, after the launch.

2. XPERIA-KNIGHT unregistered

o no the world didnt end? damn another prediction gone wrong :( guess its making the bible look more and more correct these days lol

3. wendygarett unregistered

That means I can keep on hanging out with you!!! Lol :p

4. XPERIA-KNIGHT unregistered

yes wendy thats what it means...........sigh... lord help me lol

7. XPERIA-KNIGHT unregistered

o and wendy u should evolve into an ampharos now lol

9. wendygarett unregistered

Wow you play pokemon? AWESOME!!! :D

11. wendygarett unregistered

Lol you Google it... That's sad :(

12. XPERIA-KNIGHT unregistered

haha no i already knew what mareep evolves into jus wanted to show u some cool pics of ampharos :)

13. wendygarett unregistered

Oh ok, I will change my avatar for you :)

5. Nikolas.Oliver

Posts: 1574; Member since: Jul 01, 2012

and that also means apple can keep taking your money :D

6. Nikolas.Oliver

Posts: 1574; Member since: Jul 01, 2012

MC1123 a.k.a pikapowerize doesn't appear anymore for whatever reason

8. wendygarett unregistered

Because you are annoying and naughty... They will never came back to see you again lol

17. stychill unregistered

This isn't new, its been confirmed long ago by rim, they plan on having the os7 devices serve as low end models for awhile.

18. slaggyb

Posts: 218; Member since: Oct 19, 2011

This is why I love RIM, they won't just dump BB7 cos BB10 is at the corner unlike samsung who won't update its last years flagship to jelly bean.. Its ridiculous knowing that the galaxy s ii beats the so called samsung galaxy s3 mini hands down in every aspect from the processor to the screen etc but won't taste jelly bean.. F U samsung.

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