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RIM gives carriers a direct role in payment services

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RIM gives carriers a direct role in payment services

Jim Balsillie, co-CEO of RIM, took the stage at MWC's keynote event today to announce a couple of things related to BlackBerry. He used “constructive alignment” to explain the relationship between consumer electronics companies and carriers. The alignment with carriers would be expressed through a payment services platform. Balsillie noted that after enabling carrier billing, productivity and ARPU go way up.

Balsillie added that the BBM Mobile Gifting Platform uses exactly carrier payments to allow subsribers to buy things for one another. And this concerns both pre-paid and post-paid users. The size of this? Jim Balsillie mentioned that there are 900 carriers across the globe, so the company aims big. “We look to plug our services into their infrastructure,” he added.

And for RIM one major example of the constructive alignment would be the BlackBerry PlayBook 4G, which was recently announced in two new flavors supporting LTE and HSPA+. The company's co-CEO summarized the main points of differentiation for the 7-inch tablet – performance, open tools and corporate security.

Finally, Balsillie promised that most new BlackBerries will come with NFC support by the end of the year. Great news as it seems that the standard will gain wide support and mobile payments could become a reality soon.

source: RIM

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