RIM explains what's behind the numerous BlackBerry service outages in the last days

RIM explains what's behind the numerous BlackBerry service outages in the last days
Email and BBM on Blackberries throughout the EMEA region and in other places have been up and down in the last two days. RIM said it has found a solution yesterday, but it was obviously short-spanned, and had millions of frustrated BlackBerry users fuming because they can't use BBM or emails.

RIM is quickly turning into damage control mode, since the last thing the embattled co-CEOs need now is a service outage that might make a lot of customers reconsider their loyalty to the brand.

The Canadians outed an official statement explaining the issue, and confirmed they are working towards a resolution as fast as they can:

As of right now, RIM is still struggling to restore full access to its renowned BlackBerry services, and we can only imagine the communication havoc reigned among government and corporate entities, a lot of which are reliant upon BlackBerries.

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1. Joe_IT unregistered

Sorry, not buying it for a second. A core switch failure doesn't take days to fix. My guess is that RIM is dealing with a larger capacity issue. I could be wrong though, maybe they're just incompetent.

11. iammikelizardo unregistered

AGREE!!! changing a CORE SWITCH is a 5 minute WORK... IF RIM doesn't have a backup of it... it's... 1 hour drive to go to store 5 minute to get the switch 5 minute to pay for the switch 1 hour drive to the place where the switch failed 5 minute to install it. So, there must be something BIG that RIM doesn't want to tell us.... which is.... their SYSTEM can't handle their stupid idea.

2. TGun unregistered

@Joe_IT, It must be the backlog that is now blocking the service.

3. PhoneLuver

Posts: 481; Member since: Jul 05, 2010

The way they handled is terrible! It took forever for them to notify carriers who were faced with an onslaught of customer complaints!

12. iammikelizardo unregistered

It's RIM what do you expect.

4. DC_civilian unregistered

hitting the US Army this morning

5. xmrrushx

Posts: 29; Member since: Aug 07, 2011

AF too

6. ljfresh unregistered

we're still down in trinidad

7. lugnut92 unregistered

last week i had the new blackberry bold 9930 for one day and spent five hours on the phone with sprint two hours in the store and tried to get help from blackberry and they wanted $49 dollers or they would not help get my one day old phone working. the phone went back and i got the moto. photon this phone is great i was a blackberry fan intil i switched over the the android i did't relise just how far behind the times blackberry is. The photon does everything the blackberry does and more faster and better. make the switch you wont be disapointed.

8. corporateJP

Posts: 2458; Member since: Nov 28, 2009

Blackberry is not immune. Their flaws are starting to show more every day.

9. Guest unregistered

My Blackberry Bold went down for the last time. After 16 years of owning a Blackberry, I ordered an iPhone 4S today.

10. hepresearch unregistered

Judging by the slow-rolling style of the outages, the international scope, the long duration, and the types of customers most affected... my opinion is that this is NOT a core-switch issue, nor is it a sudden capacity issue. Why not either a) state-backed cyber-warfare (email interception / digital espionage), b) corporate-backed cyber-sabotage (they contracted the lowest bidder), or c) just plain old cyber-terrorism (just because they want to see if they can)! a) see if any national governments were largely immune to the effects... b) seriously illegal and less plausible, but why not try it if you can afford to secretly and intentionally disrupt BB service... c) of these three, I think this is the most likely the case here... nobody with a BB isn't targeted, worldwide... I am probably wrong, but at least I can entertain myself with funny ideas at 3:40am...

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