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Quora wants iOS users to Q&A

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Quora wants iOS users to Q&A
Quora was a surprise hit earlier this year, creating a lot of buzz around an idea that wasn't really original. It followed the same pattern of Q&A set forth by Yahoo Answers and Mahalo before it, but with a bit more of a social layer, allowing users to follow topics, questions, and users. The buzz has faded on the site, but it's still a valuable resource, and now there's an iPhone app, so you can get your answers wherever you are. 

Quora wants iOS users to Q&A
The app gives you options you'd expect like being able to ask or answer questions on the go, or check up on topics that you follow. But, the app isn't just a straight port of the website, the devs clearly understand the benefits of mobile. This means that there are some pretty interesting location features, like browsing for topics that exist nearby. So, rather than asking a question, you may find that someone else already asked about tourist attractions in Chicago, or what the best Italian restaurant is in Boston's North End. 

Quora for iPhone still offers all of the other information you may be looking for or topics on which you'd like to prove your knowledge, but the location features definitely are an intriguing addition to an already valuable service. 

If you want to give it a shot, Quora is available for free in the iTunes App Store

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