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QuizUp game review: mercilessly addictive


Developer: Plain Vanilla Games CorpDownload: Android, iOS
Genre: TriviaPrice: FREE

Do you happen to store troves of detailed information in your brain on topics such as Geography, "Friends", Music, or even Android? Then QuizUp is just the trivia game you should try out. Apart from giving purpose to what is mostly some seriously idiosyncratic information, quiz games have proven to be an excellent learning tool over the centuries.

A typical quizzing game, QuizUp sets itself apart thanks to its staggering player base and diversity in topics. It also helps that the app is so beautifully made, and the social element sure pays off. Challenging your friends is easy, and defeating them is just too good to pass up, and that really only becomes apparent once you give the game a shot.

With a plethora of categories ranging from history down to the wildly popular Minecraft, QuizUp probably has at least a bunch of topics that you feel confident in. The gameplay is simple -- you pick a category and then a topic, and you gain levels the more you win in the given field. The higher your level, the more knowledgeable the opponents you get matched up against will be. Not only that, but they'll also answer the questions faster, winning themselves bonus points. 

What's really great about QuizUp, as we mentioned, are the social and competitive elements. You don't just get a simple list of your contacts with the option to challenge them -- you get a full-fledged profile that visually showcases yours and your enemies' proficiencies -- an important element for any game that strives to incite a competitive spirit. And competitive it is, with a number of achievements just waiting to be unlocked, and some seriously tough opponents to beat.

Perhaps as importantly, QuizUp's interface takes minutes to figure out, and that's always a pretty big deal for as complex a game. There's no pondering what to do next, you just fire up the game, choose your category and topic, and you battle it out with a random person (or friend). Furthermore, thanks to that growing player base, it takes little to no time for the system to match you against an opponent, which is an extremely important factor with mobile games, as any prolonged periods of waiting dissuade players from serious gaming. That, among others, is probably one of the main reasons for QuizUp's addictiveness and success.


  • Great variety of categories and topics
  • Massive player base ensures quick matching
  • Complex, but straightforward interface
  • Very social, but also quite competitive
  • Progress not inhibited by mandatory in-game purchases


  • When games are in progress, any multitasking will disconnect you
  • Knowledgeable opponents might dissuade casuals from pressing on
  • No immersive mode :(
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Developer: Plain Vanilla Games CorpDownload: AndroidiOS
Genre: TriviaPrice: FREE

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