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Proxy based uZardWebP browser also brings Flash viewing to Windows Mobile

Proxy based uZardWebP browser also brings Flash viewing to Windows Mobile
For the longest of time, SkyFire proved to be one of the best web browsing solutions for Windows Mobile users as it was able to display Flash content while providing a decent overall end experience. At one point, users were enthralled by the fact that they were able to view videos on Hulu directly on their devices. Although there is still competition with other browsers like Internet Explorer and Opera Mobile, SkyFire is unique in itself as it offers quick page loads and the ability to load Flash. If you happen to enjoy all that entails SkyFire, then you may want to check out the uZardWebP browser which works on the same premise as SkyFire with its proxy based connection. Currently the app is in beta so just about anyone can give it a spin and experience what it has to offer. Now the fun doesn't solely stay with Windows Mobile users as it's also available for BlackBerry as well. So if you're tired of the uninspiring performance out of your current web browser of choice, the uZardWebP browser might reinvigorate your interest in web surfing on your handset once again.

source: uZard via WMPoweruser


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