Project list appears to confirm LG G Flex 2 for Sprint


The LG G Flex is an innovative device, no doubt. The self-healing back plate, flexible P-OLED 6-inch screen, comfortable form factor, and snappy performance, made for a compelling package.

We know some folks were not impressed with LG’s decision to pack such a large display with a mere 720p resolution, but the tradeoff was worth it to some since the Snapdragon 800 CPU and Adreno 330 GPU did not have to do much work to keep the lights on.

The G Flex is unique in that it delivered on the basics while packing some technology we have yet to see from any other manufacturer, and that is why we are not surprised that LG confirmed that a G Flex 2 is in the works.

What is a bit odd, however, is the virtual lack of information about a G Flex successor since we learned that not only is the G Flex 2 on the way, but it would also have a “unique” feature. Given the self-healing back plate and flexible display were already unique, we are intrigued to learn more, but the rumor mill has been quiet.

For the little we think we do know, the LG G Flex 2 will have a smaller screen than its predecessor, with a higher resolution, and thus higher pixel density. Rumors have speculated that the G Flex 2 would be released either later this year, or sometime in 2015, but the latest information is pointing to a 2014 release. Outside of that, we are in the dark.

The LG G Flex was originally available in the US with AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile. While we cannot confirm when the G Flex 2 will come stateside, we can speculate that it looks like at least Sprint will be one of the carriers to offer it based on a leaked project list of an LG engineer's LinkedIn page (since taken down).

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Among the engineer's list of many accomplishments in mobile, the last thing noted on his smartphone development list is the “LG G flex2 (Sprint).” A definitive model number is missing from the list (just like for the original G Flex), but if this information is accurate, then it is probably a pretty safe bet that Sprint will be at least one of the carriers in the US to offer the LG G Flex 2.

Does that mean AT&T and T-Mobile will sit this edition out? We are not betting on that, since the two carriers, the latter in particular, have been capitalizing on Sprint’s weaknesses and subscriber losses.

We are looking forward to seeing what LG has in store for the next flexible smartphone.  The first generation G Flex is approaching one year on the market in the United States.  Hopefully it will make a splash in time for the holiday shopping season. Might the LG G Flex 2 have what you were waiting for?

UPDATE: Some source information was deleted, creating a dead link. At the request of the individual who inadvertently placed this information in the public domain, and due to the sensitivity of other information, we have removed those images and sources.

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