Price as advertised: T-Mobile ONE plans now include all monthly taxes, fees and surcharges

Wow, so T-Mobile is really doing this, after hinting at the CES show that it will be doing away with the various taxes, fees and surcharges in their monthly bills, but incorporate them in the price of the plan that is advertised instead. The carrier just sent us a press release saying that "T-Mobile ONE now includes all monthly taxes, surcharges and fees." Thus, when you see $40 per person for a family of four with auto pay, that is exactly what you will be charged at the end of the month.

In its usual style, T-Mobile's PR team explains that in a customer survey it did, many of the respondents described getting unexpected taxes and surcharges rolled in their monthly bill often feels like being “punched in the face” or “kicked in the stomach.” Hear, hear. But, yes, the press release also gives an example with Verizon’s $110 family plan that actually costs $210.70 on average with all the fees tucked in neatly, and that's not far from the truth, so kudos to the Un-carrier, and hopefully others will follow suit. 

Moreover, T-Mobile's unlimited ONE plan will now be enrolled in the Un-contract and KickBack services, where there are no unilateral price jackups, and the customer can get up to $10 back per line when they use 2GB or less for the month. The taxes and fees inclusion will start as early as your February bill, too, pretty neat. 


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