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Pre owners to get webOs 1.31 sent OTA

Pre owners to get webOs 1.31 sent OTA
Palm Pre owners feeling a little jealous that the new Pixi is coming to market with webOS 1.31 need not worry. A screen shot shows a message from Palm to Pre users on both the Sprint and Bell networks that tells them to expect webOS 1.31 to be sent OTA in the next couple of days, during a period when the phone is idle and a high speed network is available. The message says that the update is about 126MB and Pre owners will be notified when it is ready to be installed. Synergy will not include support for iTunes but will include Yahoo contacts and calendar sync and Yahoo IM will be added to the Pre. Other new features will allow unique ringtones for new messages, a single IM/SMS will now be able to get forwarded or copied and there will be no more automatic panning for videos shot in wide screen. That is just a few of the changes and we would love to hear from the Pre community about webOS 1.31 on your handset. We are not your shrink, but you can still tell us what you like about the new version, what you hate and what changes you have noticed. We promise not to bill you hourly.

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source: Sprint/Bell via BGR

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