Potential Microsoft smartwatch may have just cleared the FCC

Potential Microsoft smartwatch may have just cleared the FCC
There have been consistent rumors that both Microsoft and Nokia had been working on wearable devices separately. The rumors from the Microsoft side culminated a couple days ago with a report saying that Microsoft might be getting ready to announce a smartwatch within the next few weeks. Now, we have what appears to be more evidence for that with what could be a Microsoft smartwatch that has cleared the FCC.

The evidence is admittedly thin, but present. The filing is for what is labeled a "Mobile Wireless Device", but the only radio found inside is for Bluetooth LE. Mobile devices that only contain Bluetooth tend to be either wearables or accessories/peripherals, and Microsoft has never really gone too deep into accessories. It could possibly be a Bluetooth keyboard or mouse, except that the filing also lists three different sizes for the device - small, medium, and large. 

When you consider what kinds of "mobile wireless devices" would come in different sizes, and only include Bluetooth, that mostly points to a wearable of some sort. Microsoft has been rumored to be working on a device that was more of a fitness band than smartwatch, but that may only be the "small" option, with the larger options being closer to proper smartwatches. We could find out relatively soon. 

source: FCC via Windows Central

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