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Possible iPhone 5S prototype pictured with larger battery, dual LED flash

iPhone 5S
Another day, another leak related to the rumored iPhone 5S. This time we have a relatively clear photo showing what kind of hardware the smartphone has tucked under the hood, along with one of the handset's back side. 

Now, we have no way of confirming the legitimacy of these two images, but we might be looking at the real deal. The arrangement of the elements and connectors on the circuit board resembles closely what we saw in a previous leak, while the opening for the LED light has an oval shape, as it did in these iPhone diagrams that leaked days ago.

The oval shape is to accommodate a dual LED flash, rumors about which we've been hearing since last year. Some say that one of these LEDs will have a blueish tint, but we can't tell whether that's the case from this image. Other than that, the back side of this iPhone 5S appears to have not been changed. 

On the inside we have a battery that's rated at 5.95 watt-hours. In comparison, the one in the iPhone 5 has a capacity of 5.45 watt-hours, so hopefully, the iPhone 5S will have better battery life than the current model. The SoC housing the smartphone's processor hasn't been marked so we aren't sure whether that's an A7 chip or something else. As MacRumors notes, the silicon has been manufactured in October of 2012 and it might be Apple's A6 SoC placed there for testing purposes.

The rumored iPhone 5S is expected to arrive later in 2013 alongside a cheaper iPhone model. Both are likely to come with the same 4-inch screen and iOS 7 pre-installed. The low-cost iPhone, however, will probably be thicker and plastic-made, while the pricier iPhone 5S will most likely stick with the current model's aluminum design.

source: MacRumors
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