Possible Nokia Windows Phone 8 prototype spotted in the wild

Possible Nokia Windows Phone 8 prototype spotted in the wild
In most cases, smartphone prototypes and hardware reference platforms don't look particularly pretty, and neither does this mysterious handset that has been spotted at the Microsoft Tech-Ed conference in Amsterdam. The smartphone in question is rumored to be a Windows Phone 8 prototype made by Nokia.

Obviously, the smartphone is alive and kicking, and by the looks of it, Windows Phone 8 is installed on it. Or who knows, it might be an older experimental handset running Windows Phone 7.8.

We cannot really tell with absolute certainty since the redesigned Metro interface, with funkier live tiles and more space on your home screen, will be present on both releases.

Yet don't expect this boxy Windows Phone handset to ever land at your local cell phone retail store. It is most likely made for developers to play with, while the better looking Nokia smartphones are the ones we will get to try out. That, however, will not happen until later this fall.

source: WP7 via WMPoweruser

UPDATE: Yup, turns out this is a Nokia Windows Phone 8 prototype. In fact, it is identical to the unit Joe Belfiore used for his WP8 demonstration at the Microsoft Developer Summit last week.


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