Poll: would you buy the bezel-less Xiaomi Mi MIX?

Yesterday, Xiaomi surprised us with a brand-new smartphone that we pretty much didn't see coming — not through leaks and not through rumors. The Xiaomi Mi MIX is an impressive phablet with a 6.3-inch display and almost no bezels save for a chin at the bottom, which really isn't all that huge as well. The phone rounds it all off with a polished ceramic body and top-of-the-line hardware specs.

Of course, it looks like something from the future, and it surely will have its fans and early adopters, either pre-ordering it or dreaming about getting their hands on the device. Buying a Xiaomi handset through international retailers has become increasingly easy in the past months and with a price-tag of around $500, the Mi MIX is certainly alluring.

However, there will also be many that see issues with the device. What about accidental touches to the screen? Why go with a gargantuan size? How is the “earpiece” going to sound (the phone vibrates the ceramic body in order to conduct sound to the user's ear canals)? I don't want to stick my ear to the display glass! So on and so forth. So, we thought we'd ask — how do you feel about getting a Mi MIX and why?

Would you buy the Xiaomi Mi MIX?

Yes, pre-ordering ASAP!
I might, but want to see a couple of reviews first
I would, if it had a smaller screen
No, because I don't like the software
No, because I don't like most things about it
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