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Poll results: the iPhone X notch draws hate and ridicule

Poll results: the iPhone X notch draws hate and ridicule
So, Apple has finally updated its iPhone design and wow... did it do it in a controversial way. First, the only way to get the new form-factor is by coughing up $1k on the premium iPhone X, then, there is the fact that if you can only afford the more reasonably-priced iPhone 8 you'll find that it's rocking the 4-year-old design that we've had since the iPhone 6.

Anyway, not all is ponies and happiness with the iPhone X, however. Its all-display front actually has a weird-looking forehead. Some might say Apple's top-notch phone is ruined by a top notch. Of course, it's used to house the phone's earpiece, front camera, and its sophisticated Face ID sensors. But it still drew quite a bit of ridicule.

So, does everyone hate it? We decided to run a poll and see how many of our users do... Here's how the votes tallied up:

What do you think of the iPhone X "notch"?

Hate it!
I'm not really bothered by it
I kinda like it!

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