Poll results: manual camera controls – not for everybody


It's a pretty modern thing to have manual controls on your phone's camera app. Well, unless you are Apple, who actually decided to take out the HDR button completely on the iPhone 8 (no worries, you can get it back, look here). That aside, most major players now have a “pro” mode or “manual” mode on their apps, letting users adjust ISO, shutter speed, color temperature, and focus as they desire.

But the phone makers have also been achieving amazing results with their handsets' image post-processing. Auto modes have become extremely competent — they are super-fast and often better at picking the right settings for a scene than your average users.

So, we were curious, now that we've all had a couple of years to play with manual cameras. Are we over them? Do you use the “pro” mode on your camera app, or do you just do the point and shoot with the auto mode? Well, here's how that poll went:

Do you use your phone camera's manual / "pro" mode?

Yeah, I love it!
Very rarely
Nah, not for me

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