Poll results: iPhone X vs Pixel 2 XL votes are in!

We are past the announcements of the two giants — the Apple iPhone X and Google Pixel 2 XL— and it's time for customers to start voting with their wallets. Well, almost time — the iPhone X is yet to be released. But, by now, we expect a lot of people out there have made up their minds on which one of these they favor.

Of course, we thought we'd ask you which one tickles your fancy better — the squeezable Pixel 2 XL, or the face-scanning notch-equipped iPhone X. Both phones being the respective best piece of hardware that the two rivals — Google and Apple — have put out this year.

Well, here's how that poll went. Do the results shock you?

Pixel 2 XL or iPhone X?

Pixel 2 XL squad here!
iPhone X force reporting!
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