Poll results: The people still have faith in Tizen!

Android and iOS. Those are the two names that get thrown around most often when it comes to mobile operating systems for phones and tablets, but those aren't the only two options that exist. As we've been seeing recently, Samsung is making some valiant efforts to try and do something about the biggest issue facing Tizen (their own mobile OS) - app availability. While Tizen has certainly shown its potential for greatness on gadgets like the Gear S3 and Gear Fit 2, the small selection of apps that are actually available for the platform is easily its Achilles' heel.

Samsung announced that they're going to be putting more than $9 million of their own funds into an incentive program to get more developers to create apps for Tizen, and more recently, Samsung has announced a partnership with Microsoft that will allow people to use Visual Studio and C# to create apps for the platform as well. That's a lot of attention to be putting on an OS of its kind when Android and iOS clearly dominate the mobile landscape, so we reached out to our readers to find out if you thought this efforts being made by Samsung were worth it.

More than 1,400 votes came in for this poll, and almost half of you voted that Samsung should continue to work on Tizen to establish it as a worthy competitor to the two main choices that we currently have. The full results from the poll can be found below, and if you missed out on this one, feel free to sound off in the comments below with your thoughts on what Samsung should do about Tizen.

What should Samsung do with Tizen?

Kill it off, no reason to compete with Android or iOS
Continue to work on it, we need more choice when it comes to mobile operating systems
Keep it around, but use it to power other gadgets (smartwatches, TVs, etc.)
Other (comment below)


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