Poll results: How important is your smartphone's front-facing camera to you?

Poll results: How important is your smartphone's front-facing camera to you?
Did you know that the HTC One's front-facing camera comes with a 88-degree wide lens? The resulting field of view of the unit is one of the largest we've seen on a smartphone, and that's pretty awesome when you consider how certain high-profile mass selfies have gone kind of wrong (sorry, Mr. Leto!).

So what possessed HTC to invest both time and resources into what is seemingly a low-priority feature? Competition, of course! As we outlined on Monday, manufacturers are increasingly running out of areas where they can truly differentiate their products from their rivals', so we've gotten to a point where every little bit counts. And count it does, specifically when it comes to front-facing cameras, or so would the results of our poll which sought to gauge your opinions on the importance of the selfie cam.

A seemingly unimportant detail of the overall smartphone package, it turns out that a respectable number of poll takers really value their front-facing shooter -- 29.95% to be exact. Further still, 39.9% report that while it's obviously not their top priority when weighing their options, it's still a consideration when picking up a new device. On the flip side, the front-facing camera is of  little to no importance to some 18.37% of voters, with another 11.78% completely shooting down the idea of attaching weight to the selfie cam. See the results for yourself immediately below.

How important is your smartphone's front-facing camera to you?

It's very important to me
It's a consideration
It's unimportant to me
It's absolutely irrelevant to me


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