Poll: are you excited to see the rumored iris scanner on the Galaxy Note 7?

Poll: are you excited to see the rumored iris scanner on the Galaxy Note 7?
The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will be announced in less than 2 weeks and, as can be expected, we have a pretty good idea of what to expect. Rumors, reports, and even photos have showed us the curvy screen, and the new iris scanner module, including the software instructions for operating it.

Now, we can't say we've had the best experience with iris scanners on smartphones thus far. The system looks like it requires certain conditions to work, needs the user to hold the phone in a specific way, and can end up feeling a bit awkward and clunky. On the flip side, however, fingerprint sensors can be spoofed, and with how prominent this type of lock has become nowadays, we can imagine that hackers will be getting craftier and bolder. Iris scanners, on the other hand, are a bit harder to lie to. Also, who knows – maybe Samsung will do an awesome job at integrating it?

Samsung has just managed to shake off the infamy it had for brim-packing its smartphones with questionable features that many called “gimmicks” and “bloat”. Do you see the iris scanner as the return of the gizmo stuffing, or as an actual tool that you'd be happy to use?

What do you think of the rumored iris scanner on the Note 7?

I don't care for it. I hope it doesn't mess with my phone's battery or operation
I'll try it out, but I'll probably forget about it soon after
I'll set it up together with the fingerprint lock and use both
I will use the iris scanner lock exclusively

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