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Poll: How big is big enough?

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Poll: How big is big enough?
Back in the summer of 2011, we ran a poll that sought to gauge our reader's attitudes towards display sizes, as it's perhaps the most essential criterion by which we all shop for devices. Back then, the majority (40.54%) preferred a screen between 4'' and 4.29'', while 31.51% were most comfortable with 3.5'' to 3.99''. Only 3.09% of respondent felt that a screen under 3.5'' is ideal. And the remaining 24.85%? They were the phablet lovers of 2011, with insatiable hunger for more and more screen real estate. To them, 4.3'' was the bare minimum.

How do these numbers sound in today's context, however? A quick glance at just today's news feed would have horrified nearly 75% of our readers in 2011. 5'' flagships are now standard, far beyond the wildest dreams of even the 'phablet' appreciators of old, and an actual 2014 phablet is mostly expected to be at least 5.3''. They don't even make devices under 4'' anymore, at least for the most part. Our needs and perceptions, then, must have necessarily changed, too, right? But by how much? Let's find out by voting below.

Note: For the purpose of this poll, please consider phablets a smartphone, too.

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