Poki just became the best Pocket app for Windows Phone

Had you asked us just a couple days ago what the best Pocket app was for Windows Phone, we probably would have said Squirrel or maybe Pouch. But just yesterday, developer cee released a new app called Poki which has already overtaken the competition as our favorite Pocket app for Windows Phone. Poki is beautifully designed and packs quite a lot of impressive features.

As you would expect from a Pocket app, you can read all of your saved articles with Poki. As per the limitations of Windows Phone, you can't really save items to Pocket unless the app specifically has that functionality written in though. Poki keeps the UI simple with pops of color, but does allow for some customizations of the reading list. The customizations aren't as extensive as you'd find in Pouch, but the defaults look better. 

It is all of the little things in Poki that make it a great experience though. There's a nice circular gauge to let you know how far through an article you are so you don't have to be looking for the scroll bar on the side, and the app will save your progress in an article. That may not sound like much, but surprisingly few Pocket apps for Windows Phone offer that feature. Pouch just recently added it. Poki also has nice extra features like having your articles read to you, a filter for your reading list, and an easy way to find articles either through a tag list or search feature. You can also pin articles to your Start screen for easier access.

And, to top it all off, there is even an achievements list to gamify your reading a bit. There aren't too many achievements right now, but presumably the list will grow over time. 

Poki offers a trial mode that allows for 50 requests to Pocket, but no limitations on the reading view. After that, it will cost you $1.99, which is definitely worth it, if you are a heavy Pocket user. 

Download: Poki

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