Pokemon GO turns online PvP battles into ranked league

Pokemon GO turns online PvP battles into ranked league
One of the most important Pokemon GO updates added PvP battles last year, but the feature was limited by proximity and friendship level. Today, Niantic announced that it has decided to remove these limitations, at least partially, and allow Pokemon GO players all over the world to face each other in PvP battles.

So, the most recent update introduces the so-called GO Battle League, which basically pairs players in PvP battles regardless of their locations. The first five games are free for all trainers each day, but then you'll have to walk a certain distance to gain the right to play more matches in the league. Alternatively, trainers can use PokeCoins to earn new Battle League matches.

Niantic announced GO Battle League is rolling out in waves, so it will take some time to reach to all players. At launch, trainers will be able to play in pre-season, which is some sort of beta that will allow developers to optimize and fine-tune everything before Season 1 starts “in early 2020.”

The GO Battle League pre-season starts right now with the Great League. However, the pre-season will rotate formats to the Ultra League on February 10. The Master League will follow on February 24, with the Great League returning once again on March 9.

As far as the rewards go, these will be determined by rand and battles won and they might include Stardust, Rare Candies, TMs, and other important battle-related items. Trainers who wish to participate in the GO Battle League will have to walk five kilometers. This will unlock the free online matches, but if you want more, you have to walk another five kilometers up to 15 per day.

A Premium Battle Pass is available as well for those dedicated. It allows trainers to enter Raid Battles or the premium track in the GO Battle League. The rewards offered by the premium track are much better than those that can be unlocked on the basic track. Ownership of the Premium Battle Pass will also lower the number of wins needed to earn certain Pokemon encounters.

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